Providing solutions to complex problems

Talentec provides quality software solutions primarily in the South African market.

We align ourselves with specialists in their fields and build our products around real-world expertise. An example of that is our flagship SmartScore B-BBEE Management software that sits within the BEESA Business Services product range.

Our cloud-based solutions are specifically aimed at improving training and BEE within organisations.

  • “I've used Talentec LMS at my previous employer, so after moving to PPS Healthcare Administrators I suggested that we implement Talentec's Learning Management System to meet our training system requirements”
    Christel LondtChristel LondtPPS Healthcase Administrators
  • “Talentec's assessment system saves me so much time. I do not have to spend hours creating tests and marking exams myself. I can focus my time on improving the areas of weakness in employees' product knowledge highlighted by the examination system”
    Yolanda LouwYolanda LouwKeyHealth
  • “After comparing many other products available on the market we found that Talentec LMS stood out from the rest in almost every area important to us. Initially we had some teething issues but after Talentec sorted everything out and improved their support process, we've been a happy client for over 4 years now.”
    Carina MatthysenCarina MatthysenMomentum